Terps Lose Close Game to Duke

Update: 11:30 AM. So I found Youtube video of Dave Neal's screen on Nolan Smith. It's a bit grainy, but well worth the watch. It's embedded in the story on the second page. Enjoy!

So the final score was not exactly close. The Terps lost to Duke 78-67 in an effort to upset another ACC leader just days after knocking down North Carolina. But the game was much closer than that until the last few minutes. As usual for MD-Duke, the arena was packed. The game started with old tradition as Maryland students read the Diamondback during Duke player introductions. But for this battle, the Comcast Center was filled with newspapers so everyone got to participate. Maryland continued to wear the yellow jerseys that have brought them good vibes this season.

Maryland hung tough, holding off Duke the entire first half. A few times, Duke came close and finally tied it in the last minute of the half. The Sports Freak noted that Maryland couldn't break that 4 point lead barrier. But still, this was not the same Maryland team that was blown out a month ago at Cameron Indoor.

It was a physical match that had uneven officiating. Many a time, Duke players would hand check, charge, or manhandle Terps with no calls. Fans sitting behind us noted Coach K's defensive instructions. "Place your left hand on the opposing player's hip and then switch to the right hand". Possibly the worst call was Brian Zoubek in the paint shoving senior Dave Neal to the floor and using the open space to score easily. On the Terps, most handchecks and charges were called, sending many Terps to the bench, including Grevis Vasquez.

The second half started with Duke taking the lead. That was short lived as the score bounced back and forth the rest of the game until about 3 minutes left, when Vasquez fouled out.

The physical play continued. Sean Mosley was knocked down by Duke and injured his knee or ankle. He later returned to the game with the slight limp. Later, Neal returned the favor by setting a screen up on Nolan Smith. Smith didn't see the "Little Yellow Bus" coming because he was laid out flat on the ground. It was so good, one of the fans in front of us asked "Did you get that?!", noting the camera the Sports Freak was holding. We were too stunned and watched the rest of the play as MD passed the ball around until Neal could make his way back up the court to drain a three. You never wish injury on a player, but it is satisfying to see Smith out cold on the court for a few minutes. He did recover and come back in the game briefly later on. More about seo miami fl.

Unfortunately, all the efforts were not enough. Although the game was kept close with Vasquez on the bench with 4 fouls, it was unraveled after he fouled out. Still this game met the goal of keeping the Terps dance card open. On to Senior Day next Tuesday against Wake Forest.