Gets Ready for this interesting game

The Deceiving Statistic:

Throughout the season of the media Losenoidoomock has focused its attention on the excellent free throw shooting of the Terps, but has failed to state it's a result of a lack of front court players. Most poor shooting teams have front court players that have a bad free throw percentage. The Terps are a guard laden team that should and does shoot free throws at a high percentage. The issue is the number of attempts. An aggressive team won't just shoot from a good percentage but will have a high number of attempts usually resulting in attacking the basket and not settling for long range jump shots that are sometimes contested. Maryland must attack the basket more with dribble penetration and gain more attempts from the line.

The Rotation:

As the Terrapins have burst back onto the NCAA Tournament scene, the rotation has formed. Besides Vasquez, Hayes, Bowie, Milbourne, & Neal, the Terps also have found a substitution pattern involving Gregory, Burney, Mosely, and Tucker. Neal's size and girth was a strength against North Carolina, but its Gregory and Burney agility and shot blocking ability that will be needed to scrap for loose balls and limit the Blue Devils possessions.

Milbourne has had a difficult task on this undersized team all season. He has the physique to assist a small team by going into the land of giants for rebounds and fouls that could place him at the line to shoot free throws but doesn't as often as he should. It may not be fair, but when smaller players have played bigger and done it before, it's what is needed and been missing in Milbourne's game. He'll need a big game against Duke to help the Terps win. For more, see seo company miami fl.

The Aura of Duke:

These aren't the Duke teams that had Hill and Laettner or Williams or Brand or Reddick or Langdon. No it's a spread offense without a dominating low post player or pure shooter with the ability of a Reddick or boast the intense defensive prowess of a Battier. Like most teams living off of a reputation based on previous seasons it's not how Duke gives a punch but how they take one. Do they respond with another knockout blow or fall back? Last game Duke knocked out the smaller squad from Maryland from the start. This game the Terps look to fight back.